A 50 years old technology
available since ever.

The material inside LesssssCard
is made out of a
special metal fabric.

it was created
with war purposes
- of course -
aiming to protect those
who worked
building antennas.

Today it is mainly used for:

Cutting the signals on Faraday Cages,
protect your credit card
from illegal scans
(yes, you can use the LesssssCard
for that as well)
and to cover your entire house,
if you wish.

There are many different
models and specifications of metal fabrics
on the market.

The one used inside the LesssssCard
is one of the strongest in its category:
It shields ≥80db (decibels),
works on both sides
and it was tested and approved by
The Shanghai Institute of Measurement
and Testing Technology.

because it's made of
Polyester + Copper + Nickel,
the metal fabric is also very delicate,
it cannot get wet and
it cannot be folded.
Which means that
placed inside your
smartphone case + the two
laminated layers,
the fabric is more than

No, we are not producing this metal fabric.

What we are doing is
also buying it on internet
- like everyone else -
producing something
simple, clever and accessible
for everyone.

So if you also buy
this same fabric on the internet
and start thinking
on the best usage of it,
you will probably get
at the same point where we are
right now.

The safe layer between you and your smartphone.

let's keep in touch.

Thanks for your visit.