Prevention is better than waiting.

you and I are 2 of
2.7 billion smartphone users today.
Few of us know that
the headsets we receive "for free"
are mandatory and not a gift.

It’s very simple:

if there is an antenna,
there is Radio Frequency.
And we should not use our phones
close to our heads because
of its powerful antenna.

For example,
when we walk around the city,
we are connected to one, two or three
antennas at the same time.
That is what smartphones are meant to do.
That is why smartphones are called smart.
Whether you are using them or not,
their antennas are always trying to find
the best connection with all those other
big antennas spread everywhere
on top of the buildings.
(Except on Airplane Mode).

when we are not calling,
texting or swapping around,
we forget them inside our pockets
or hanging on our necks,
all day long, creating
a direct physical contact
between your body
and your smartphone.

This is called Radio Frequency Exposure.

From the category
Group 2B: Possibly carcinogenic to humans”,
damages on human sperm in vitro
until “breast tumor”,
we can find a range of scientific studies
and articles on the internet and,
at the same time,
a lot of contradictions and ambiguities
about what does it mean on a long run.
That is because most of the tests
were not done with humans yet
and the first ones need,
at least, 20-30 years
for a conclusion.

We don't want to wait.

The Lesssss Card does not exist
to discuss if RF Exposure is harmful or not.
The Lesssss Card exists to reduce
the RF Exposure as a prevention act.

Then you can have an option
for protection today,
instead of wait until 2050
for an answer.

The safe layer between you and your smartphone.

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